What is Cura?

Cura is a telemedicine platform that enables people to reach doctors for medical consultations, diagnosis, prescriptions, and health care programs using texts messaging, voice and video communication technologies.

What Services does Cura Provide, and are they covered by insurance?

Cura provides three main services, we briefly list them here. You can refer to each service in detail in the following questions:

1. Immediate Tele Consultation (not covered by health insurance): These are general and quick health questions answered by 24-hour alternate doctors to support health decisions for you and your family and they often guide you or refer you to the appropriate specialist doctor.

2. Specialized remote consulting (covered by health insurance): These are accurate health questions that require diagnosis, medications or other medical opinion and are answered by an experienced specialist in a medical specialty. And it is obtained without prior appointment.

3. Telehealth programs (not covered by health insurance): are weekly tele-treatment sessions with doctors and health therapists aiming to achieve a specific health goal.

What is the instant remote consultation?

These are general and quick health questions answered by alternate doctors available 24/7 to support you and your family and they often guide you or refer you to the appropriate specialist doctor.

Duration of counseling: 5 minutes

Doctor: The doctor is either a doctor who specializes in family medicine or a general practitioner

Response Speed: Less than 5 minutes, priority for Cura Premium subscribers

Service availability: 24 hours. Priority will be given to Cura Premium subscribers

Objective: To answer general health questions, or to request a transfer in a particular specialization

Limits of Use: One free consultation for all Cura users. Unlimited consultation for Cura Premium members

Insurance coverage: not covered

What is a specialized advice?

Description of the service: These are accurate health questions that require diagnosis, medication or other medical opinion. Answered by a consultant doctor or an experienced specialist in a medical specialty. These service is obtained without prior appointment.

Duration of counseling: 15 minutes with the consultant, and a free 5-minute review is available for 14 days

The Doctor: There are more than 3000 doctors in more than 200 medical specialties including (children, women, childbirth, internal medicine, surgery, etc.)

Response: The doctors answer in 6 - 24 hours maximum, depending on the their schedule and availability, and most doctors answer within a few hours. When the doctor’s condition is yellow, he will reply within 24 hours. When the doctor’s condition is green, he will answer within a maximum of 6 hours.

Service availability: 24 hours, depending on the doctor’s status

Objective: To get accurate and specialized answers on health questions in a specific field to obtain a diagnosis, prescription, second medical opinion, or specialized medical advice.

Limits of use: The user can request as much as he need of professional consultations without limit. However, the health insurance covers only a certain number of consultations per month or year and any advice outside the coverage limits is paid by the user.

Insurance coverage: May vary according to specialization

What do we mean by remote healthcare programs?

Service Description: They are weekly telemedicine sessions with doctors and therapists aiming to achieve a specific health goal. Such as weight loss, treatment of social phobia.

Duration: 45 minutes per week with a specialized doctor or therapist

The doctors: Distinguished physicians and therapists for all available programs, professionaly trained to guide you through the program's steps

Response: All treatment sessions are pre-scheduled sessions.

Availability: Vary depending on the availability dates of each program.

Objective: To Achieve a specific health goal such as: facing social phobia, eliminating anxiety, losing weight, changing lifestyle, or observing a chronic disease.

Limits of use: The user can request any number of programs as long as he adhered to duties and was not absent from the sessions

Insurance coverage: not covered

What payment methods are available ?

Cura provides many payment methids credit cards, MasterCard or Mada card. Direct bank transfer is also available.

Does health insurance cover medicines, tests and x-rays via Cura?

Yes, but according to the coverage of the member, Cura gives the prescription and the user then submits it to the pharmacy and the pharmacy asks for the approval of the insurance company. As for the analyzes and x-rays, they are currently not available at Cura.

Do I have to come to a specific place to get advice?

You don't have to come anywhere, you can get advice wherever you are as long as you have a good and stable internet connection.

How will I contact the doctor or therapist?

To contact the doctor, You have to download Cura app from the app stores, the next step is to open an account on the platfrom from inside the app, after that you can choose the appropriate doctor and consult it. You can communicate by writing, voice notes, voice calls, and video calls. All this is done within the App

Is Cura a replacement to the hospital and clinics?

of course not. While Cura covers more than 60% of the reasons for your visit to outpatient clinics such as requesting initial opinions, medical advice , second specialist opinion, follow-up, refilling prescribed medications and consultations in which the doctor reaches a diagnosis from the history and information without the need for a clinical examination. Cura is not an outpatient clinic or hospital and therefore the patient is indispensable for clinical examination, examination and radiology, and procedures within the clinics.

If I need a prescription, will the doctor prescribe it for me?

Yes, the doctor can issue an e-prescription, which can be cashed in any pharmacy.

Is there a follow-up after consulting a doctor?

Yes, and it is only available within 14 days of the doctor’s approval of the consultation.

How confidential will I be?

Cura guarantees you complete confidentiality. No one can see what is going on inside the consultation except you, your therapist and the medical supervisor to evaluate the quality to ensure your right. All data is encrypted and CAN NOT be traded in any way.

How long is the consultation?

5 دقائق للاستشارة الفورية، 15 دقيقة للاستشارات المتخصص، 45 دقيقة لجلسات برامج العناية بالصحة. لا يحتسب وقت الانتظار بين الطرفين (المستخدم والمريض) ويحسب فقط الوقت المستغرق للمحادثة فقط.

What happens if the doctor did not respond on time?

5 minutes for instant counseling, 15 minutes for professional counseling, 45 minutes for health care program sessions. The waiting time between the two parties (user and patient) is not calculated and only the time taken for the conversation is calculated.

What is Cura Premium membership and what are its benefits?

Cura Premium is a membership with a monthly subscription that useful for people who need to get frequently medical consultations. It provides the user instant consulting unlimited number free of charge. In addition to one free specialized consultation every month with, and any additional advice that is at a special discount only for membership holders of up to 30%.

What are the terms of return and exchange?

The total amount paid to specialist consultation can be returned in case a medical opinion is not provided, or the doctor sees the inability to form a medical opinion. The doctor will be replaced by another one if the specialty was chosen by mistake or if the doctor deems the lack of specialization. In case the doctor does not comply with the response within 24 hours, the consultation amount will be deposited in the customer’s wallet as a balance and a refund can be requested for the bank or card. The monthly subscription amount in Cura Premium membership cannot be recovered because doctors are scheduled based on the number of subscribers, and the balance of the unused instant consultations is not carried over to the next month. As for the free specialized consultations, they remain in the customer’s balance for use whenever they want and their amount cannot be recovered.


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What is Cura?

Cura is the first Telemedicine mobile app in the Middle East provides medical consultations with the help of professional specialist and doctors. 

All doctors and specialists are licensed and accredited by the Health Specializations Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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